New markers: a doodle

Here's a doodle I doodled while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on my iPhone. It was the one where Picard, Data, and Dr. Crusher are stuck in a Dixon Hill noir program in the holodeck and they almost get killed. I love the holodeck episodes, but sometimes they bug me. Like, why doesn't Data just grab the gun from the guy, since he's lightning fast and can take a bullet with no problem, right? I guess that's more a Data issue than holodeck, ha!

Anyhoo, I got this new set of markers at MATC where I'm teaching once a week now. I was in the bookstore buying some crap and I saw that they had lots more colors in this kind I was really digging, which is actually inspiring me to journal a lot more lately. They had 16 colors at $1.10 each. Cheap, right? So I figured, okay, I will be budget conscious, I will spend $10. That gets me 9 markers. I started picking out some colors, weighing carefully fuchsia vs. pink vs. red, etc., and then I had a brainstroke: why in the freak wouldn't I just spend the $16.50 and buy all of them?!! Adoy! It's some sort of ingrained frugality that comes from a) growing up poor and b) having a sometimes obsessively frugal family. So with much relief I grabbed all the stupid markers and bought them posthaste! Here they are:

Pretty, eh? So the doodle is me just experimenting with color combinations in a sort of obsessive style, which is hopefully a more rewarding obsession than saving $6 on something that brings me great pleasure! Maybe I need more sleep.