darn EP

I'm so filled with regret, I'm like a poodle that got wet [new song]

E the giant.jpg

New song comin’ atcha! Could this be my greatest record ever?!! Just like the Grammies, I distinguish between records and songs—though this track could also be a greatest song ever nominee, I think it would win greatest record because the quality and vibe of the recording are “da bum.” A sweet mix of vocals and harmonies, Wurly, drums (with hot rods instead of sticks?!), and a funky sample. And for some final, nasty pizazz I even had it mastered over there at LandR.com, a crazy new mastering service that uses Skynet to determine the best sound for your record. As my 5-year-old son says, you git what git and you don’t throw a fit. Now if only I could run it through the hit-song-rating algorithm to find out what my chances are. . .

This song is going to be featured on the forthcoming EP tentatively titled “Darn.”