I'm so filled with regret, I'm like a poodle that got wet [new song]

E the giant.jpg

New song comin’ atcha! Could this be my greatest record ever?!! Just like the Grammies, I distinguish between records and songs—though this track could also be a greatest song ever nominee, I think it would win greatest record because the quality and vibe of the recording are “da bum.” A sweet mix of vocals and harmonies, Wurly, drums (with hot rods instead of sticks?!), and a funky sample. And for some final, nasty pizazz I even had it mastered over there at LandR.com, a crazy new mastering service that uses Skynet to determine the best sound for your record. As my 5-year-old son says, you git what git and you don’t throw a fit. Now if only I could run it through the hit-song-rating algorithm to find out what my chances are. . .

This song is going to be featured on the forthcoming EP tentatively titled “Darn.”

LA Times the song

Los Angeles = Rilakkuma bear iPhone cover with citrus

Here's a li'l ditty I composed when I was visiting LA for the first time. I think it does a good job of evoking that toddling town. I made it in Garageband on the iPad, which I have such a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, I love it! Other hand? HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guitar Hero interrupted

Look, I'm sorry to make this blog an archive of sorts, but honestly, I recently gathered together and listened to all of the recordings I've made since I got my first 4-track in 1997, and there are 900 of them, only about 50 of which have ever made it into the ears of another human. So from time to time, you are going to get a taste of oldie-but-goodies!

This one I wrote in 2007 when Guitar Hero was all the rage, and it features a kid who doesn't want to stop playing when his mom comes to pick him up at his friend's house.