Bob Dylan: The Man in Me (cover song and transcription)

Have you seen the Big Lebowski? Then you know this song from the amazing bowling intro. Here I've done my own echoey groovy version. Also the chords online are all wrong, so I'm giving you the right ones here!

Now if you want to try something new and different, please visit this youtube page of a slowed-down Bob Dylan version of this song, then speed it up in the video settings to 1.5 speed, and it's a super funky almost Peter Tosh-style song! How wonderful!

The Man in Me by Bob Dylan
Transcribed this April 15th, 2016 by Amazingly Andrew Yonda
(there are a few unexpected half-measures resulting in 7-bar verses, so I’ve marked each beat with either a chord name or a slash so you can keep track)

G / / / Am / / /
The man in me will do nearly any task
D /C / / /G /
 And as for compensation, there’s little he would ask
 G ////
Take a woman like you
 C /C(D in bass) / G / / / 
To get through to the man in me

G / / / Am / / /
 Storm clouds are raging all around my door
D /C / / /G /
 I think to myself I might not take it anymore
 G ////
 Take a woman like your kind
 C /C(D in bass) / G / / / 
 To find the man in me

Am/ / / G / / /
But, oh, what a wonderful feeling
Am / / /G / / /
Just to know that you are near
Am / / / G / / /
Sets my heart a-reeling
Am / / / D / / /
From my toes up to my ears

G / / / Am / / /
 The man in me will hide sometimes to keep from bein’ seen
D /C / / / G /
 But that’s just because he doesn’t want to turn into some machine
 G ////
 Took a woman like you
 C /C(D in bass) / G / / / 
 To get through to the man in me

(Don’t forget to do a verse before and after singing la la la)

This is a pretty interesting music video

Had this song in my head so I looked it up. "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. This 1968 clip is one of those strange, fun early music videos when there were a) no production budgets and b) absolutely no rules about what makes a music video.

To begin with, the subject of the song is a guy's love for an underage girl, which is creepy enough, but the video holds its own in terms of strange and weird--these are actual stills from the video! 

I love that the band has set up in this dilapidated barn. Reminds me of another classic entry in the barn-themed music video canon, Badfinger's "No Matter What". Maybe I have a theme for my next video!?

February is Album Writing Month (and a new song!)

Got a new song for you! Check out for an awesome songwriting challenge: Write a song every other day in February. This is my first submission, a slow rock song called "Slow Build". I finally got my drum recording setup set up, and it's such a pleasure. I cut a hole in my bass drum to get the mic in there and it's really helping, plus I have two new overhead mics which capture the whole kit amazingly well, I almost don't need any other mics. 

Chords and lyrics below. This could be about a lot of stuff, but it's definitely about not wanting to wait.

I'm Not Ready for a Slow Build

by Andrew Yonda

A    A    A    A
A    A    A    A

A    A    A    A
Not ready for a slow build, not ready for a slow build
A    A    A    A
Not ready for a slow build, I  ain’t ready for a slow build
D    D    A    A
aaaaahhh        wouldn’t like it at all

A    A    A    A
I’m not ready for little bit, I’m not ready for a little bit
D    D    A    A
I don’t want just a taste of it, I’m not ready for just a little bit
E    D    A    A
My lack of patience gonna get me killed, I’m not ready for a slow build

A    A    A    A
A    A    A    A
D    D    A    A
I’m not ready for a slow build, I’m not looking for a slow build
E    D    E    D    A
My lack of patience gonna get me killed, I’m not ready for a slow build

How Seven of Nine got Barack Obama Elected

This may sound hard to believe, but the former Borg collective member Seven of Nine may be responsible for the election of Barack Obama! 

1. The Borg assimilated a human actress named Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager, naming her Seven of Nine.

2. Jeri Ryan married Jack Ryan, Republican politician, who apparently asked her to perform sex acts with him in S&M clubs around the world.

3. These allegations were revealed in 2004 during Jack Ryan’s election contest vs. Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate, causing Ryan to withdraw and allowing Obama to win uncontested.

4.Obama gains credibility and visibility via his Senate seat, allowing him to go on to successfully run for president in 2008.

Ergo, if Borg actress Jeri Ryan had never mentioned Jack Ryan’s penchant for public sex, he may have beaten Obama and we would now have Sarah Palin as Vice President!!!!!!!!!???

You learn something new every year

Some people say you learn something new every day. I hate to be cynical, but I think we might be over-estimating people's capacity for change, and putting a little too much pressure on ourselves, no? So let's lower the bar:

"You learn something new every year."

Already learned something this year? You're good to go! Don't sweat the whole self-improvement/paying attention to life thing, buddy!

Tip of the Day: The Hobo Mocha

Bay leaf? Just because every legitimate recipe has a bay leaf, I guess

When you're really desperate for a mocha but don't have access, just try this: Make a regular coffee and throw some chocolate chips in! Yes, it's pretty disgusting, and the chocolate just ends up kind of lumped at the bottom. But just pretend you're riding the rails, not a care in the world (except basic survival), and some generous engineer has thrown some bits of chocolate in your face! It goes perfectly with beans and spam cooked right in their cans over a fire made from your dashed hopes and tattered soul

Your wife don't understand you, but I do

I transcribed this one a while ago. Now I've recorded my very own! I'm singing, you know, an octave lower than the original Simpsons song, which is pretty great. I've never seen whatever episode it's from, but I love the "Songs in the Key of Simpsons" CD and it's on there. I've never seen much Simpsons actually, but I love the music! Here are the chords and lyrics for yo asses!

Your Wife Don’t Understand You

You work all day for some old man
Sweatin’ break your back
Then you go home to your castle
But your queen won’t cut you slack

That’s why your losin’ all your hair
That’s why you’re overweight
That’s why you flipped your pick-up truck
Right off the interstate

There’s a lot of bull they hand you
There’s nothin’ you can do
     E7                A                D      B7
Your wife don’t understand you, but I do
        E                A               D    B7
No your wife don’t understand you, but I do
        E            A                D
I said no one understands you but I do

Six of the one, a dozen of the other

No-brainer, right?

Yah everybody knows the saying "Six on the one hand, a half-dozen on the other" but try my improved version and not only will you probably be more accurate, but people literally don't even notice. How's that for fun?!

So did YOU notice? "Six of the one, a dozen of the other." If you're comparing two options and this is how they look, then the choice is clear, right? Which is usually how things are, even if you don't realize it at first. You look back, and one choice was definitely the better one. You're welcome!


LA Times the song

Los Angeles = Rilakkuma bear iPhone cover with citrus

Here's a li'l ditty I composed when I was visiting LA for the first time. I think it does a good job of evoking that toddling town. I made it in Garageband on the iPad, which I have such a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, I love it! On the other hand, I totally hate it. Alas!

YOLO sucks, I say You Only Live Twice (#YOLT)


YOLO sucks. It inspires 19-year-olds to make terrible decisions, and it makes the rest of us feel bad when we pass on those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that seem to come up so often. So I say YOLT. You Only Live Twice! That gives you a lot more breathing room to make mistakes, to go easy on yourself if you fucked it up this time.

Unless this is already your second life, then you're fucked for good.

You're welcome!