This is a pretty interesting music video

Had this song in my head so I looked it up. "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. This 1968 clip is one of those strange, fun early music videos when there were a) no production budgets and b) absolutely no rules about what makes a music video.

To begin with, the subject of the song is a guy's love for an underage girl, which is creepy enough, but the video holds its own in terms of strange and weird--these are actual stills from the video! 

I love that the band has set up in this dilapidated barn. Reminds me of another classic entry in the barn-themed music video canon, Badfinger's "No Matter What". Maybe I have a theme for my next video!?

How Seven of Nine got Barack Obama Elected

This may sound hard to believe, but the former Borg collective member Seven of Nine may be responsible for the election of Barack Obama! 

1. The Borg assimilated a human actress named Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager, naming her Seven of Nine.

2. Jeri Ryan married Jack Ryan, Republican politician, who apparently asked her to perform sex acts with him in S&M clubs around the world.

3. These allegations were revealed in 2004 during Jack Ryan’s election contest vs. Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate, causing Ryan to withdraw and allowing Obama to win uncontested.

4.Obama gains credibility and visibility via his Senate seat, allowing him to go on to successfully run for president in 2008.

Ergo, if Borg actress Jeri Ryan had never mentioned Jack Ryan’s penchant for public sex, he may have beaten Obama and we would now have Sarah Palin as Vice President!!!!!!!!!???

Tip of the Day: The Hobo Mocha

Bay leaf? Just because every legitimate recipe has a bay leaf, I guess

When you're really desperate for a mocha but don't have access, just try this: Make a regular coffee and throw some chocolate chips in! Yes, it's pretty disgusting, and the chocolate just ends up kind of lumped at the bottom. But just pretend you're riding the rails, not a care in the world (except basic survival), and some generous engineer has thrown some bits of chocolate in your face! It goes perfectly with beans and spam cooked right in their cans over a fire made from your dashed hopes and tattered soul

Noseflute roundup

Time again for the Noseflute Roundup! For those who wallow in ignorance, I shall enlighten you: The nose flute is not some sexual euphemism, it is a piece of plastic you press to your face for aural pleasure. Er, that is, it's a nose-powered musical instrument whose pitch is controlled by your lips. It's basically a kazoo alternative.

The essence of noseflute. Photo credit:

The essence of noseflute. Photo credit:

It wasn't always thus. There have been other nose flutes throughout history, like this amazing fellow:

Let the nose flute just flow through you, man. Photo credit:  Oliver Neeler

Let the nose flute just flow through you, man. Photo credit: Oliver Neeler

You can find ancient nose flute traditons around the Pacific Rim, in China, India and Africa. And now, what may be the pinnacle of nose flute achievement is here: an innocent teenage girl rockin' out with a ukelele and a nose flute strapped to her face like Hannibal Lecter. This is epic. This video should have 80 million views on youtube!

Enthusiastic performance of McFly's song 'Obviously', played on the nose flute and Ukulele.