How Seven of Nine got Barack Obama Elected

This may sound hard to believe, but the former Borg collective member Seven of Nine may be responsible for the election of Barack Obama! 

1. The Borg assimilated a human actress named Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager, naming her Seven of Nine.

2. Jeri Ryan married Jack Ryan, Republican politician, who apparently asked her to perform sex acts with him in S&M clubs around the world.

3. These allegations were revealed in 2004 during Jack Ryan’s election contest vs. Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate, causing Ryan to withdraw and allowing Obama to win uncontested.

4.Obama gains credibility and visibility via his Senate seat, allowing him to go on to successfully run for president in 2008.

Ergo, if Borg actress Jeri Ryan had never mentioned Jack Ryan’s penchant for public sex, he may have beaten Obama and we would now have Sarah Palin as Vice President!!!!!!!!!???