Your wife don't understand you, but I do

I transcribed this one a while ago. Now I've recorded my very own! I'm singing, you know, an octave lower than the original Simpsons song, which is pretty great. I've never seen whatever episode it's from, but I love the "Songs in the Key of Simpsons" CD and it's on there. I've never seen much Simpsons actually, but I love the music! Here are the chords and lyrics for yo asses!

Your Wife Don’t Understand You

You work all day for some old man
Sweatin’ break your back
Then you go home to your castle
But your queen won’t cut you slack

That’s why your losin’ all your hair
That’s why you’re overweight
That’s why you flipped your pick-up truck
Right off the interstate

There’s a lot of bull they hand you
There’s nothin’ you can do
     E7                A                D      B7
Your wife don’t understand you, but I do
        E                A               D    B7
No your wife don’t understand you, but I do
        E            A                D
I said no one understands you but I do